/ realizations



Production and storage hall


/ purpose of the order
Construction of a production and production and warehouse hall with a social and office building and a boiler house
/ hall area
4 300 m2
/ hall office
540 m 2
/ surface area of paved areas
2 390 m 2
/ Scope of work
  • execution of the detailed design of the structure,
  • execution of the detailed design of the electrical installations,
  • execution of the detailed design for sanitary, central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • execution of an interior design project,
  • ground and foundation works,
  • delivery and assembly of the steel construction of the hall
  • delivery and assembly of the hall cladding made of sandwich panels,
  • delivery and installation of roofing for the hall and the social and office building,
  • delivery and installation of joinery and ironwork for windows and doors,
  • delivery and installation of sectional doors,
  • turnkey construction of a social and office building and a boiler house
  • making a foundation for the floor from crushed stone aggregate,
  • execution of an industrial cured floor,
  • execution of internal and external electrical installations,
  • execution of external installations: rainwater and sanitary sewage system, water supply system, including connections,
  • installation of: central heating with boiler room, plumbing, compressed air, hydrant system,
  • delivery and installation of a ventilated facade made of fibre cement panels,
  • finishing work in an office building,
  • the construction of hardened surfaces with concrete blocks,
  • delivery and installation of a system fence with a set of sliding gates,
  • development of green areas.


Photos of the completed investment

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