/ realizations



Production hall

Karo Augustów

/ purpose of the order
Construction of a production hall
/ hall area
4 070 m2
/ office space
590 m2
/scope of work
Construction of a production hall as GENERAL CONTRACTOR
/ date of implementation
/ Scope of work
  • execution of the detailed design of the structure,
  • ground and foundation works,
  • delivery and assembly of the steel construction of the hall
  • delivery and assembly of a prefabricated reinforced
  • concrete hall structure,
  • construction of an industrial floor in the hall,
  • delivery and installation of wall and roof cladding for the hall,
  • turnkey construction of an office and social building,
  • execution of installations: plumbing, heating and ventilation in facility,
  • construction of external networks in the field of electrical installations, water supply and sewage disposal networks,
  • construction of manoeuvring areas for heavy traffic.

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