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Structural modifications
– safely and efficiently

Reinforcing the structure of an existing hall is often the only solution to change its use. The reinforcement of steel structures is a very complex engineering issue that only the highest level of specialists can undertake. The solutions we design make it possible to change the way the building is used and to retrofit it with elements not envisaged in the original design, such as photovoltaics or a sprinkler system, while meeting the highest safety standards.

and safely

Reinforcing steel structures is a helpful solution especially when the Investor plans to: change the use of his hall, install a photovoltaic system, sprinkler system or place a heavy air handling unit on the roof, without being sure about the strength of the current hall structure. In response to these concerns, we will inventory the hall and our designers will verify this. Depending on the specifics of the hall construction, we will design and install the necessary structural reinforcements.

New opportunities
for building development

Structural modifications carried out usually include: changes in the structural framework (layout), strengthening or local replacement of damaged elements, or strengthening of element connections. The design of the reinforcement of steel structures is always based on the results of technical expertise carried out previously. Our workshop allows us to undertake even the most technically advanced orders, while maintaining the best possible standard of execution.

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