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As a general contractor, we take a comprehensive approach to your project. From advice on the purchase of land, development of architectural and infrastructural plans to obtaining building permits and final implementation of the project. Our business model, developed over all the years of our presence on the market, allows us to guarantee our clients effective implementation of every construction project. Our portfolio includes multi-million dollar successfully completed investments.

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Analysis of needs,
definition of objective

At the first meeting with the Investor, we carry out an analysis of his expectations and needs. We talk about the planned investment, gathering key information for the project. Based on the collected data, we select the most optimal solutions to effectively meet the given requirements.

of the offer

After identifying the Investor’s needs, we carry out an analysis of possible solutions in terms of their profitability and application. On the basis of collected knowledge we prepare a comprehensive offer, tailored to the Investor’s expectations. Upon receipt of the prepared proposal, we thoroughly discuss its details with the Investor, with particular emphasis on the planned technical solutions.

Preparation of the contract

Based on prior arrangements, we prepare a contract that will secure the interests of both parties. In cooperation with Investors, we always focus on partnership relations, open and clear communication that leads to the achievement of a common goal.


With reference to discussions with the Investor, our architects prepare an architectural concept and preliminary visualisation of the facility, transferring the Investor’s visions onto drawings. Then, our team of experienced designers prepares a multi-discipline project that meets the relevant standards and all the Investor’s needs.
Our projects are carried out using modern software in BIM technology. We always focus on the substantive detail of the projects with the best standards.

Construction works

Our team of qualified site managers and engineers is responsible for the timely completion of the project. They oversee the proper progress of each stage of the construction work and are at the disposal of the Investor during construction. We verify the solutions included in the construction designs provided by the Investor in terms of price. Caring for the satisfaction of our customers, we are always open to changes in the design, also during construction.

Completion of construction
and expert support

With the completion of construction, we obtain all necessary permits for use. We share our experience and knowledge with our Investors, offering ongoing support and service during the warranty period. We respond quickly to any concerns or suggestions from our customers.

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