/ realizations



Production hall


/ project objective
Renovation of the production hall along with the roof of buffing hall
/ hall area
10 000 m2
/ roof of buffing hall area
4 200 m2
/ implementation date
/ Scope of design work
  • inventory of existing steel structure along with examination of used steel grade,
  • bearing capacity analysis of existing halls,
  • design of strenghtening of the structure and mount technology of sprinkler system,
  • total area of halls: approx. 10 000 m2.
/ Roof of the buffing hall renovation
  • dismantlement of lightning protection system,
  • dismantlement of gutter system,
  • dismantlement of existing roof layers: PVC membrane, mineral wool, concrete screed, styrofoam,
  • delivery and assembly of new roof layers: PVC membrane (thickness 1,5 mm), mineral wool (thickness 15 cm), vapour control layer,
  • delivery and assembly of new lightning protection system,
  • delivery and assembly of new gutter system,
  • delivery and assembly of crucial flashing,
  • skylight glass and roofing passage sealing,
  • delivery and assembly of security system.

Building process

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