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Investor's guide 15.12.2020 Top 7 trends in office building design
What are the characteristics of modern office buildings? What is their domain? Office buildings created in accordance with current art combine high functionality and ergonomic solutions that promote comfort at work. The very space created for office work should guarantee security and increase the productivity of users.

Which trends in office building design should you not be indifferent to? We suggest below.

Modern facade

Glass and aluminium are materials that undoubtedly symbolise modernity. Their minimalist, almost ascetic appearance, strongly fits in with current design trends. Glazed facades contribute to the thermal comfort of a building, are an excellent acoustic insulator, show excellent resistance to weathering, and enhance the prestige of the building itself.

Openwork decorations

Facades, suspended ceilings or partition walls do not have to be boring, thanks to perforated sheets that create decorative, openwork-like embellishments. Perforated elements are easy to install, robust and weather resistant. Companies offer a wide choice of perforated materials to guarantee freedom of design and arrangement – metal fabrics, woven mesh or perforated sheets.

Original facade

The facade panels are extremely easy to maintain – the smooth surface of the panels prevents dust from accumulating, which guarantees a flawless appearance of the facade for a long time. A wide choice of colours for the facade panels allows you to create an original and aesthetically coherent office building design.


The use of glazing in the office building design creates a unique atmosphere in the building. The glazed space visually enlarges the office, while creating an atmosphere of openness and transparency in the company’s operations.

Highest level of acoustics

An extremely important aspect when designing office spaces, especially in the open-plan office concept, is the choice of sound-absorbing materials that effectively soundproof the room.

Expressive colours

The colour accents are an attractive addition which gives a unique character to the interior. The vibrant colours bring dynamism and positive energy to the room. Expressive colours can be introduced not only on walls and ceilings, but also accentuate details such as furniture, lighting, carpets and doors.

Areas for employees

Separate areas for employees, such as a chillout zone or library, allow you to relax while you work. Creating zones of this type is a must have that has firmly established itself in the trends of contemporary office building design.

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